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Bespoke Chimneys in situe
Brick Effect Chimneys in Situe 2
Staffordshire Chimneys - Terrace Row - R
Diamond Top Bespoke - Mono Saddle_edited
Bespoke Chimney with new style pots_edit
Bespoke Large Chimney - Flat Base - No P
Triple Pot Bespoke Chimney with stone ef
Trowse Chimney - Square Pot - Haunched C
Bespoke Chimney with 450mm high pots_edi
Bespoke Lead Effect Unit with Flue
Ashlar Stone Chimney side
2.3 mtr Mono Kent Chimney_edited
Trowse Chimney - Square Pot - Haunched C
890mm sq Recon Stone - Single Pot - End
Staffs Render Mono with contrast corbel
Single Pot Staffordshire - Recon Stone -
Kent chimney with haunched capping & tal
Render Chimney
Gable End in situe_edited
Staffs Chimney in-situe_edited
Natural Stone Bespoke with Short Pots
Kent Sun Tube Capping Close Up
Bespoke Render Chimney with stepped saddle_edited
Stone Effect Chimney
White render effect Chimneys
Kent Smooth Render Blended corbel - End Ridge_edited
White Brick Chimney
Kent Multi + Lead Flashing_edited
Traditional Brick Chimney
Concrete effect Chimney
Aluminium effect chimney
Differing Styles
Stone effect Chimney
Stone Effect Chimney
Off the shelf range


Our reproduction GRP chimneys can be produced specifically for any building project. These realistic lightweight architectural features can be manufactured in a wide range of finishes including brick effect, natural stone effect, reconstituted stone and render. We can design to match roof pitch, texture, colour, pots and capping as required. The chimneys can also be supplied with fitted flues and lead.

Our range of chimneys have passed rigorous tests by CERAM which include lifting, wind resistance, accelerated weathering, bond strength and soak tests. They are fully approved by the CGMA (Construction Glass fibre Manufacturers Association) for use on NHBC sites, and are used by national house builders.