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  • What is GRP?
    Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is commonly known as fibreglass. Developed during World War Two for use in aeroplanes, it is a material made up of plastic which has been reinforced by fibres made of glass. GRP's major benefit is that it can be moulded into virtually any shape. Fibreglass is a safe, durable alternative to brick, stone, or metal. Our staff can replicate virtually any architectural feature in fibreglass. The lightness of the installation means that it can be fitted to a non-load bearing roof or other structure. The finished product is natural looking, long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Why use GRP?
    GRP (fibreglass) is the ideal material for producing items where durability, flexibility of design and a lightweight product is required. A wide variety of finishes are available. Our staff can replicate virtually any architectural feature in fibreglass. The lightness of the installation means that it can be fitted to a non-load bearing roof or other structure, cutting out heavy manual handling problems. The finished product is natural looking, long lasting and maintenance free.
  • Will using GRP save time?
    GRP Building Products can work with you to design a product or can replicate a building feature from a photograph. Considerable time is saved in the installation process. For example, fibreglass brick effect cladding panels can be fitted to a non load bearing wall without the need to reinforce the structure or footings. The panels can be easily fitted to a timber frame, either off or on-site, cutting out the need for further brick work construction.
  • Is GRP durable?
    Our 10 year guarantee is among the best in the business. We are able to give it following extensive testing by industry watchdogs, at RAPRA and CERAM. We are confident that our products should last a lifetime, they are hard-wearing, weather in a way similar to standard brickwork and are completely waterproof.
  • What are textured panels?
    All of our textured finishes are produced from moulds taken from real materials such as brick, stone, slate, timber and render. We have in-house colourists who match to any desired colour including a library of hundreds of brick colours. The material itself is around 4-5mm in thickness but the overall depth of a panel varies depending on the chosen texture. Panels are suitable for exterior or interior use and can be produced with a Class 1 fire rating. If you have a finish which needs replicating that doesn't appear on our website, please get in touch as we are always on the look-out for new textures to add to our range.
  • What material will be used in the construction of GRP?
    GRP is a composite material made up of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibres. The composite can then be moulded to take on virtually any shape or finish. The glass fibres give the product its lightweight yet hardwearing qualities. It is non-corrosive making it ideal for the construction of building features such as cupolas or chimneys.
  • What kind of finishes can you reproduce / replicate?
    The development of fibreglass opened up many new avenues for creative designers, its unique physical properties allow it to be easily tooled, moulded and manufactured to meet almost any specification. This allows architects and designers to achieve a great finish in any style or colour at a cost effective price. ​ GRP's team can replicate a wide range of finishes and can even age them to fit perfectly with the surrounding environment. Finishes include: Brick Slate Oak/Timber Brass Lead Zinc Bronze Natural or Reconditioned stone Roughcast Render Tyrolean Render Granada Stone
  • How long will it take to manufacture my items?
    Finished items are usually ready for delivery within three to four weeks from the date of your order. Products can be manufactured from our standard ranges or made to a unique design. An experienced member of our team can assist you at the design stage and will work from a plan, technical drawings or a photograph of a feature you wish to replicate.
  • What product guarantees can you provide?
    Our expert processes enable us to offer a 10 year guarantee among the longest available in the industry. Our chimney range has also been tested and certified by CERAM and therefore meets NHBC requirements for quality & longevity.
  • Will my products require any maintenance?
    GRP products require little or no maintenance as they do not rust, rot, or fall to pieces. They can be easily cleaned using soapy water and a cloth or brush.
  • What is the life expectancy of your products?
    Our products are hardwearing, weather in a way similar to brickwork and are completely waterproof. In fact, some of our first installations, dating back to 1974 are still in place.
  • Do GRP products comply with building regulations?
    At the initial design stage GRP Building Products Ltd can offer advice and guidance about how our products could comply with buildings regulations that may affect your project.
  • What kind of adhesive would you recommend?
    We recommend the use of a tried and tested adhesive. Sikaflex adhesive and sealant systems are extensively used in the marine industry. They will provide a tough, waterproof, yet flexible bond between a multitude of materials and can be used with confidence above and below waterline. Methacrylate adhesives offer good flexibility at low temperatures, excellent bond strength and medium/fast cure.
  • How do I affix GRP products?
    GRP panels are relatively simple to fit and can be secured to either timber battening or panelling. Panels are simply screwed to the timber batons and the joints are covered with a filler kit provided by GRP Building Products. See our cladding guide for full details
  • Do I need any special tools to install GRP products?
    No specialist equipment is necessary. A drill, jigsaw, hammer, spirit level and screws should be sufficient.


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