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Simplify the installation process with our easy to install products. Designed to be hassle-free, our installation systems ensures that you can set up your product in no time.
No need to worry about complicated instructions or niche tools - our products are designed to be easily installed by anyone with some DIY experience. With our installation process, you'll have your product up and running in no time, allowing you to enjoy its benefits without any delays.

Brick Effect Cladding Installation
Cladding Filler Kit

Brick Effect Cladding

Our cladding panels are available in a variety of sizes depending on the chosen texture.

Panels can simply be screwed to timber batons, blockwork or a metal frame with the joints and screw-heads being covered with a pigmented filler kit that we supply.  We can match any brick colour; just provide us with the name of the brick you are intending to use, or provide us with a number of bricks from your site to colour match. A small sample panel can be provided before manufacture for your approval.

We recommend customers provide us with either technical drawings or photographs (with dimensions) of the area to be clad, in order to work out where the joints/window or door reveals etc. need to be and minimise the need for on-site cutting and to reduce wasted material.

Architectural Features

The installation process for architectural features is dependent on the item produced. As each item is bespoke, we will provide advice & guidance for fitting. Generally, no specialist equipment should be necessary. A drill, hammer, spirit level and screws should be sufficient.

Window Features

Window features are predominantly installed with screws and a suitable adhesive. We will recommend the adhesive dependent on the location and position of the feature to be installed. We recommend customers provide us with either technical drawings or photographs (with dimensions) of the area requiring window features, for us to work out exact requirements and advise accordingly.

Interior Wall Panels

Interior wall panels can be affixed easily and quickly by screwing the panel either directly to the wall or to a timber constructed frame. No specialist equipment should be necessary.


Our chimney units are supplied with a fixing kit, lifting strap and detailed installation instructions. Once roof trusses are in situ, our chimneys can be installed. Full instructions are available in our download centre.

Extraction Flue Covers

Our flue covers are supplied in three or four sided sections with overlapping joints, designed to fit over timber or metal framework. Detailed fitting instructions are available to download here .

Cladding Fitting
Battening wall
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