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Automotive & lEISURE

GRP as a material has long been recognised for its robust properties as well as achieving a high-gloss finish, making it the perfect material for vehicle body parts, chemical test tanks, moulded sculptures and much more. GRP also really comes into its own when put to use in leisure, tourism, retail and hospitality spaces. The versatility of shapes, textures, finishes and it’s lightweight properties means that your imagination can run wild!

fibreglass mouldings_edited.jpg

Our new Fibreglass Mouldings website highlights some more of the products we do that are less in the 'building trade'. Fibreglass is a very versatile material which can be made into many different products and our new website shows other projects which we have taken on. From car bodies to food van exteriors, we can try and help you any kind of project you have in mind.

Westfield Self Driving POD
Food Van Cladding
Food Van Cladding

We also do a lot of bespoke projects for our customers, please feel free to contact us here to discuss your needs with our specialist team.

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