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Record summer of bespoke creations

Summer 2018 has seen a record number of bespoke chimneys leave the workshop, and take up residence in the UK, Northern Ireland and France.

As well as thriving sales of our standard and developer ranges, a significant number of orders for specialist units has given our summer a welcome boost.

House builders at the higher end of the market are increasingly looking to incorporate refined design details, from roof tiles to kitchen taps, and chimneys are no exception.

Most are in place as dummy units to provide a finishing touch to the traditional build we have become accustomed to in the UK, but the rise in popularity of log and multi fuel burning stoves has meant quite a number now include Class 1 twin walled flue systems.

Working from architectural drawings, we can liaise on the design to include bespoke corbel features, unique pots, precise height and width dimensions and even complex roof situations. Our ability to match stock, creased and handmade brick textures, as well as natural and recon stone, smooth or roughcast render, sets us apart from our competitors. Plus we have no restrictions on colour, so anything is possible.

As part of our service, we offer CAD drawings and colour sample panels for site approval prior to manufacture.

Our workforce have done us proud, and we have been able to form a team specialising in bespoke units, to produce high class products and streamline our production channels.

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