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Fuelling a Fast Fit-out

As part of an ongoing refurbishment plan, GRP has been involved in updating the look of a BP Service Station in Colchester.

Working alongside our recommended fit-out team, Sherwood Contract Services, our GRP (Fibreglass) Brick Effect Cladding panels bring a traditionally recognised look, in an unconventional way.

The second exterior refit of its kind, follows on from the Wild Bean Cafe concessions installed in BP Connect Service Stations nationwide.

Petrol Station Cladding

The Client's main goals were to achieve the brick finish required for planning consent within a strict turnaround time. Down-time is a big issue on a project such as this, but with panels as large as 3 mtrs wide by 1200mm high, 'brick-laying' can be reduced to hours rather than days. This also means less reliance on the now limited pool of skilled workers. Ease of fitting means the product can be installed by carpenters, shopfitters, handymen and even DIY enthusiasts.

Petrol Station Cladding

Once in place, joints and screw heads are simply covered by a pigmented filler mix. Due to the nature of this project, all material supplied was Class 1 Fire Retardant.

All of our moulds are cast from genuine brickwork, which gives the realistic look and feel to our panels, including the mortar lines. The client decided on an Autumn Glow brick, which our in-house colourists matched for approval.

Petrol Station Cladding

Special mouldings are made to wrap around corners, and vertical joints are blended in with 'brickette' slips. Panels weigh approximately 8kgs per square metre making them easy to handle and can be screw-fixed to a range of substrates including blockwork, timber or metal frames and concrete.

Petrol Station Cladding

The client is looking to update a number of other sites across the UK and samples have been requested by BP divisions as far away as New Zealand.

More information on our cladding panels can be found on the Downloads page of our site.

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