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Creation of a New Caledonian Community

The prestigious Chapelton of Elsick development offers a new and modern style of living just 5 miles south of Aberdeen. The meticulously planned 'self-sufficient' town comprises new-build homes, shops, offices and schools, along with health and leisure facilities.

Created by the Elsick Development Company, owned by the Duke of Fife, and constructed by three main building contractors, the site will begin with 4000 homes, eventually accommodating around 8000 properties, across seven neighbourhoods.

Spanning a range of sizes and styles, the homes will appeal to a wide variety of residents, whilst maintaining a typical North-Eastern vernacular. Although not required for practical purposes, part of the traditional look, means including chimney stacks on many of the homes. GRP worked with two of the main contractors to create a bespoke dummy chimney design, which could incorporate subtle differences, such as colour and a varying number of pots, to help create individuality and an economically sound solution to satisfy planning needs.

With a trusted reputation for delivering high quality offsite construction products, GRP Building Products offered a fully glass reinforced plastic render-effect unit which will stand up to the sometimes hostile weather conditions of North-East Scotland. Coupled with its lightweight composition (approx 60 kg) and ease of fitting, the end result is a product which sits comfortably alongside traditional materials such as granite, stone and lime harling.

The development is now beginning its second phase, with planning permission for various green spaces and a retirement community expected to be granted in the coming months.

Following the success of Chapelton, a similar development in Inverness is underway. 'Tornagrain' will offer a new community of 12,000 residents, and will utilise the same specifically designed chimneys to compliment the homes which have recently welcomed their new owners.

For more information on the Chapelton of Elsick development, visit their website.

To find out more on how we can help you with offsite building solutions, take a look at our products pages.

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