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Topping off a refined retirement residence

The Fleur de Lis retirement accomodation consists of 34 one/two bedroom apartments overlooking Beech Hurst Gardens and only a 5 minute walk into Haywards Heath town centre.

To give a nod to traditional aesthetics and satisfy planning regulations the building had to incorporate several chimneys of varying sizes and styles.

Working with Brick-Clad Ltd of Christchurch who have an excellent reputation for quality and service across the South-Coast, it was proposed that Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Chimney units would be the ideal solution to fulfill the requirement.

GRP Render Effect Chimney

With over a decade of experience in creating bespoke chimneys in finishes which replicate traditional materials, we were able to match to the clients design to provide lightweight, render effect units, purely for aesthetic purposes. The chimneys were manufactured off-site, then simply craned into place and fixed down to roof trusses.

A mix of sizes, styles and roof positions complemented the vernacular style of the development and its surrounding properties.

The outcome was very well received by the developer, who was persuaded to use further GRP architectural products on a similar build in Hook, Hampshire.

For more details on our Chimney products, visit our gallery here.

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